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Get your class 1 license and be ready for your employment; 
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Air Brake course in Calgary - 1 day course


1. Class 1 (MELT, 121.5 hrs) Get your class 1 licence and be ready for your employment.
     To get your class 1 driver licence
  1. make sure you have your driver medical ready and within 90 days before your road test
  2. complete air brake course and pass the knowledge test, or you have 'Q' endorsement already
  3. complete in-class training and get document from driving school
  4. complete class 1 knowlege test at registry office
  5. complete in-yard, and on-road training hours
  6. driving school issues the course completion certificate
  7. book the road test
    1. When:   any time when you know your course completion date and ready for road test
    2. Confirmation:    from driving school
    3. Where: 'Commercial Road Test Booking'
    4. Fee:     $217
    5. Note:   you will get 2 emails right after booking, receipt and booking confirmation. A 16 digit permit number is included in the confirmation email, which you may need to reschedule or cancel your road test later. 
  8. checkin your road test at any registry office, up to 72 hours prior to the road test time.
    • driver licence
    • driver medical
    • proof of completion of knowledge test for air brake and classs 1
    • Course Completion Certificate from the driving school

2.  Class 3 

To get your class 3 driver licence

  1. take knowledge test for class 3
    1. when: any time, before or after training
    2. driver licence: class 5 (non-GDL) required
  2. take air brake course if you don't have 'Q' endorsement
  3. take air brake knowledge test before or after road test
  4. book the class 3 road test
    1. When:   any time when you know you will be ready for the road test
    2. Who:    Frank Driving School 
  5. get class 3 driver training from Frank Driving School 
  6. checkin your road test at any registry office, up to 72 hours prior to the road test time.
    1. driver licence
    2. proof of completion of class 3 knowledge test

3. Air Brake 

Procedure to get your 'Q' endorsement 

    1. take the 6.5 hours in-class training
    2. take the practical training and pass the test with the instructor
    3. get the certificate from the driving school
    4. Practice the questions on our websited
    5. take the knowledge test at any registry office
    6. get your 'Q' endorsement once you pass the knowledge test

Learn to drive At Frank Driving School 

Get the best driving lessons from our qualified instructors. Leaning to drive couldn't be easier.


      1. Receive an insurance reduction certificate after successfully completing the driving courses.
      2. Book your driving lessons or driving classes online according to your schedule.
      3. All our driving instructors information is found on the website. You can choose the driving instructor you prefer!
      4. We offer instruction in English and Chinese.
      5. Receive accurate, professional evaluation after each driving lesson or driving class. Most of our students get their driver license at their first road test because they know where they need to improve.
      6. Progress your driving skills each driving lesson or driving class, learn new driving skills each time.
      7. Observation of students driving abilities available upon request, when schedule allows.
      8. Variety of driving courses available, to meet the needs from every customer.
      9. Electronic records are kept, making it easy to retrieve your information in the future.



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