Our Instructors

Our driving instructors are all certified by Alberta Transportation. You will be able to choose preferred instructor for your driving lessons. You are also allowed to choose different driving instructor for each of your driving classes. Please share your experience after finishing driver education at our driving school in Calgary or after getting your driver license.


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Servicing N.W communities, Downtown area, S.W. communities north to Glenmore Trail.

Alex has few years of driver instruction experience. Customers are mostly referred to her. She helps you improve your driving skills quickly and effectively.


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Servicing south Calgary communities, including Auburn Bay, Cranston and Mackenzie.

Jim has over twenty five years of driving experience. Jim is a patient and understanding instructor who gives accurate and concise feedback to his students. He excels at making nervous students feel comfortable and relaxed. Jim has systematic knowledge of traffic laws, and will make sure that the student receives a detailed explanation of them. Above all, Jim strives to teach the importance of safe driving, making the road safer for everyone.


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Servicing N.W communities, Downtown area, some northeast area, S.W. communities north to Glenmore Trail.

Fred speaks English, Persian and Arabic.

Fred combines outstanding driving habits and excellent teaching skills.

Fred is a certified class 5 driving instructor who holds a class 1 driving license. He has been an accident-free driver for the past 20 years, driving in a number of countries with a variety of climates and road conditions. Also, he is a certified teacher with extensive teaching experience, Fred focuses on student understanding. 

Fred is patient and friendly. He inspires calmness and confidence in his students. He has a keen sense of humour and is extremely approachable and respectful. Students love his cool and stress-free demeanor.


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Servicing communities south of Glenmore Trail.

Eric is a certified instructor with class 1/2/3/4/5 operator license and 10 years of driving experience. He worked for school bus and taxi companies and experienced driving under all road conditions during all expected hours. Eric has thorough understanding and knowledge of traffic rules and teaching theory for driver training.

Acquiring a driver license is only the beginning in the progress of becoming a safe and experienced driver, which is the goal of Eric’s instruction.

Frank Wei

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Servicing N.W. communities, Downtown area, Southwest communities north to Glenmore Trail.  

He is a very experienced driving instructor!

Frank has been certified instructor from 2009. He is patient and nice to people, making the student drivers comfortable instead of being too nervous when learning to drive. Frank is knowledgeable about how to teach the student drivers to improve their weaknesses in a effective way.



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Servicing south and some of the northern communities. 

Najia is fluent in English, as well Urdu and Punjabi.

Najia has over 11 years of driving experience, and has driven in many different countries with wonderful driving record. She is very knowledgeable and helpful and a very careful driver. Najia is very patient and will do the best of her ability to relax new driver and help them successfully acquire the best experience.

Derek Chen

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Servicing N.E. communities west to Deerfoot Trail, N.W. communities and downtown area.

Derek Chen is a licenced class 5 driving instructor with 3 years of training experience. He has very good review from his student drivers. Focusing on safety, he teaches driving skills step by step with great patience.



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Servicing Southeast,Southwest and Downtown area.

Ernie has approximately 5years driving instructor training experience.He is patient,courteous,reassuring and thorough always willing to spend the time with students to clarify any issues to help make them safer competent drivers.

Richard (Lethbridge only)

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Servicing Lethbridge and area

Richard is a certified driving instructor with 7.5 years of training students how to drive. He holds a class 1 driver's license and a class 5 Instructor's License with over 40 years of driving experience. Richard has been told that he has been patient, calm, and very relaxed by former students. He is patient and thorough when teaching different vehicle maneuvers, and how to be proactive. 

Richard works for our driving school in Lethbridge. Book driving classes with Richard if you are in Lethbridge and area.

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