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Our driving instructors are all certified by Alberta Transportation. You will be able to choose preferred instructor for your driving lessons. You are also allowed to choose different driving instructor for each of your driving classes. Please share your experience after finishing driver education at our driving school in Calgary or after getting your driver license.


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Servicing NW area, Cochrane and Airdrie.

Warren has been driving instructor for 10 years. He has class 2 driver licence with few decades safe driving experience. He would like teach as much as possible according to ability of the student drivers. He teaches in ways you love, making driving extremely comfortable when you are stressed behind the wheel.


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Phillipe Sun

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Servicing N.W. communities, S.W. communities (North) and Downtown area.

Phillipe is an experienced, professional, and  friendly driving trainer. He can provide his students with personalized instruction that suits their driving skills level, age and learning style.

Phillipe is committed to teach his students to understand and follow traffic rules, set up good sense of safety, have useful defensive skills on the road. He understands that learning how to drive can be awe-inspiring and he specializes in making nervous drivers feel calm and comfortable with his unlimited patience and encouragements. To help his student to well prepare for the road test, he can remind his students the common mistakes which lead to reduce the marks even fail and correct students' own mistakes. Phillipe is dedicated to provide customer satisfaction and train safer and better drivers.

Want to be a capable, confident and responsible driver, please come to Phillipe Sun.


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Servicing N.W communities, Downtown area, S.W. communities north to Glenmore Trail.

Alex has few years of driver instruction experience. Customers are mostly referred to her. She helps you improve your driving skills quickly and effectively.


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Servicing south and some of the northern communities. 

Najia is fluent in English, as well Urdu and Punjabi.

Najia has over 11 years of driving experience, and has driven in many different countries with wonderful driving record. She is very knowledgeable and helpful and a very careful driver. Najia is very patient and will do the best of her ability to relax new driver and help them successfully acquire the best experience.


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Frank is a certified instructor for class 1 MELT, class 3, and class 5. He is patient and nice to people, making the student drivers comfortable while learning. Frank is knowledgeable about how to teach the student drivers to improve their weaknesses in a effective way.



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