Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Courses and Prices

Courses and prices may change from time to time without notice. To obtain correct services you pay according to the prices listed on our website at the moment you purchase. All transactions are processed in Canadian Dollars.

Responsibilities and rights of the School

  1. The school will provide training in a timely and professional manner.
  2. The driver training vehicle will be clean and in good running condition with a valid license plate, registration and proper insurance. The vehicle will also be equipped with proper roof top sign, dual brake and rear view mirror for instructor sitting on the passenger seat.
  3. In-class training will be conducted within a facility which meets the requirements from Alberta Transportation. In-class sessions will be 15 hours long in total, not including break time or exam time. A chargeable Class 5 Driver Education Curriculum: A Guide for Students ($10) will be available for each student.
  4. Your driving instructor, in-vehicle or in-class, is licensed by Alberta Transportation and will produce his or her instructor's licence and operator's licence upon request.
  5. If the school has to cancel a lesson(s) due to instructor illness, vehicle break down, etc., every effort will be made to accommodate the student and to reschedule the lesson. The school will inform the student of the cancelation and rescheduling as earlier as possible.
  6. The driving instructor will give full attention to the student during the lesson(s). The instructor's cell phone will not be used unless it is for driving instruction and the vehicle is safely parked.
  7. A Driving In-Vehicle Evaluation Report (D.R.I.V.E.R.) card/student summary with a detailed evaluation (electronic or paper) will be completed and explained by the instructor by the end of each in-vehicle lesson. The instructor will request the student to provide initials/signatures to finish the training lesson. All the training record will be maintained by the school. A copy of D.R.I.V.E.R. will be sent to the student when it is completed.
  8. The school may, without advance notice, arrange an observation for other customers, or a monitoring for the driving instructor conducted by the Driver Programs and Licensing Standards, a senior instructor, or the school management while the student has in-vehicle lesson(s).

Responsibilities of the Student

  1. The student must possess a minimum class 7 Alberta license or equivalent licence from other jurisdiction and have the license in their possession during all in-vehicle training.
  2. A student who attends a course that offers a 'Driver Education Course Completion Certificate' must have the required minimum hours of training for the specific course and must pass the applicable examination/performance evaluation before they can receive the certificate.
  3. The student should finish the course within 6 months from the registration date or within two months from the date when the student is eligible to take the road test. In case that the student can't finish the course registered, the school will not refund for the remaining lesson(s) or service.
  4. Any acts of negligence on the Student's part that result in damages or fines will be the responsibility of the student.
  5. Learning to drive must be taken seriously. Students are expected to give best efforts during classroom and in-vehicle lessons. Unacceptable behaviour (drinking, drugs, swearing, continually being late, etc.) will not be tolerated and the School may discontinue the lesson at the Student’s expense.
  6. During a Driver Training lessons, in-classroom or in-vehicle, all electronic communication devices (e.g., cell phones) are not to be used by the student.
  7. Students are expected to appear at the correct location timely according to the in-vehicle lesson schedule. There is no refund or reschedule for the missing lesson(s) because student does not appear within 30 minutes from the lesson start time.

Cancellation And Refund

  • Lesson cancellation must be made at least 24 hours prior to the lesson. If the cancellation is made within 24 hours prior to the lesson(s), full charge for the lesson(s) will apply.
  • There is not refund once the course is start.
  • 15% processing fee of the refund will apply if the course has not started and a written refund request is received 48 hours prior to the course start.
  • There will be a charge of $25 for each non-sufficient funds (NSF) cheque provided by the student or any person on behalf of the student.

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